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Introducing "The Liquored Lawyer" Podcast!


Get ready to raise your glasses and dive into captivating conversations with the brightest minds across various professions. Welcome to “The Liquored Lawyer,” where prominent guests, including politicians, lawyers, judges, thought leaders, and more, gather to discuss a wide range of topics while enjoying a glass or two of their favorite spirits.

In this unique podcast, we break away from the legal norms and explore diverse subjects that pique our curiosity. From current events and sports to entertainment and politics, “The Liquored Lawyer” covers it all. Our guests bring their expertise, experiences, and distinctive viewpoints to the table, making each episode a thought-provoking journey that goes beyond the confines of the courtroom.

Imagine insightful conversations unfolding in a relaxed and vibrant atmosphere, with the clinking of glasses and the delightful taste of carefully selected spirits. With every sip, our guests share their perspectives, providing you with a deeper understanding of the topics at hand and shedding light on the world we live in.

“The Liquored Lawyer” is not your average podcast. We aim to entertain, inform, and challenge conventional thinking. Whether you’re a legal aficionado, a curious mind, or simply someone who enjoys compelling discussions over a drink, this podcast is tailor-made for you.

Join us as we venture into uncharted territories of knowledge and enjoy the company of distinguished professionals who are making an impact in their respective fields. We invite you to be a part of “The Liquored Lawyer” community and embark on this exciting podcasting journey.

Stay tuned for our first episode, where we’ll dive deep into riveting conversations that blend law, spirits and the world around us. Together, let’s raise our glasses to “The Liquored Lawyer” podcast. Cheers!